As an Aquarius I would have to bow down and say. Pisces season in Rochester is one
of the biggest and long-awaited.

Comedian, Actor, and Professional Cook Joel James has one of the most anticipated
birthday/comedy bashes of the year. Every year I must add. What a show it is!!!
If you are looking for a safe and laughter filled good time, make sure you
attend next year.

The night started off with a Hilarious group called LOL Superstars. Their improv
reminds me of In Living Color. With high energy and witty impromptu acts that
involve audience interaction, this segment loosens the crowd up for the following
acts: RATCHET AND SUCH FOCKIN LADIES Juicy LaCarla, Jackee Chan, and
headliner Yolanda SmileZ.

What a show and Birthday Bash! For this night, Photo City (where the event took
place) even had dinner for sale. There’s nothing like filling your belly with good food
during and after cocktails.

When asked, Joel James said to expect new and reinvented events every month for
the remainder of the year. He says you will not be disappointed. One of the main
factors he asked to be expressed is that when joining his crowd, you laugh, you eat,
you mingle, and you go home SAFE from his sold out events.

If there are any places you’d like me to give a review on or you’d like me to just
comment, please feel free to do so at thekitchentabletalk@gmail.com or text them to
585-351-7952. I would love to share.

Check me out next week to see where else we can be. 🤗

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I’m your Weekly On the Go Girl 😘😘
Janella B