Three men…from three different regions who encompass soul in all seasons. A triad aligned with one goal in mind, to present one of the greatest shows ever designed. A brilliant union of talk and music that transcends space and time. This journey can only be defined as audio induced euphoria. Corneas have never captured a show as potent where dopeness is factored. Lo-Fi / Jazz / Hip-Hop / Rare Grooves / Interviews & Soul all under one roof. ZeroSystem x Roy Lee x Northern Light@ starring in….Culture Cultivators

An audio reflection of the essence…future, past and present…. :

Listen to Culture Cultivators #19 Negrosaki Interview + Cosmo Arts & The Night Owl (Check The Playlist) by In The Loop Radio #np on #SoundCloud

Culture Cultivators

Catch this show on Sundays from Midnight to 2 am, and Tuesdays from 10 pm to midnight