On the Go with Janella B: A Taste of Louisiana in Rochester at the Spirit Room

Janella B at the Spirit Room

Walking in the vibrations from the patrons and the hands-on owners is nothing but peace and smiles. I’m in comfort with the dim purple lighting. I swear to you guys there is no place else like this in Rochester.

When you walk in, they have a wall dedicated to the dead. Customers can bring photos of their loved ones and have them put on the wall as well. They even have a card reader on most nights. With the cajun shrimp, grits, gumbo, chicken and soups on the menu…I feel like I am in Louisiana.

They have nothing short of a Mixologist at the bar. The cocktails and teas are crafted using floral extracts and  flames. I absolutely Love a Real cocktail‼ Each cocktail has a unique origin and history behind it, I will say. I ordered a flight to get a taster of as many as I could hold. he Lilly Dale was my favorite. It was light, floral, and in a pretty tea cup. Just up my alley. Lol.

If you’re open to sensing a little through your third eye or maybe just in need of a Creole feel and amazing cocktails, be sure to stop by there.

The Spirit Room is located right at 139 State Street.

Check me out next week to see where else we can be.

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Janella B