On the Go with Janella B: DJ M80 album release and Birthday Bash

I can’t recall the last rap concert I’ve gone to. There’s such a huge difference in the crowd of Hip Hop and Regular labels of Rap. The event taking place at the California Brews Haus was a great fit for that in the basement kind of feel.

DJ M80 brought out more of the Hip Hop crowd. Everyone looked nice however… not over the top filled with name brands, LOL. Very comfortable feeling in however you choose to dress. The common interest in the building was music, and celebrating Justin’s (DJ M80) first solo album release for his birthday.

The night was a whole of cake and frosting and desert toppings on top.

I was able to mingle with some of Rochester’s and Buffalo’s best music producers and engineers.

The rest was music, laughter, drinks, and chicken.

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Janella B