On the Go with Janella B. – Food for Inspiration

Author Miguel Powell

When you say there’s nothing to do in Rochester, I’m here to prove otherwise. This weekend was filled with local events brought and showcased local artist, motivational speakers, and exotic cooks.

I most certainly have to give a round of applause and thanks to Author Miguel Powell for his benefits dinner this Saturday. The dinner was held in the name of his organization called RCDC-17 which aids in helping men and women readjusting to life beyond the prison walls.

As you dine you were motivated and inspired by some of the best motivational speakers in Rochester from finance, to life in its entirety.

Giving back to the very community that we all need to be harmonious for our children and future doctors, lawyers, citizens, and neighbors is a must.

The pineapple bowl Sunday. Looks just like the flyer.

This program is needed because rehab is not given in prison. Lessons and opportunities to make a difference are taught and have to be introduced and understood that it’s needed and wanted in our community. Lots of people want to make a difference and want to change, however just don’t know how or where to start.

This amazing and positive event speaks life into a lot of areas that were dead.

Solute can’t wait until this next dinner.


From there with my belly full and mind blown with new ways to encourage its time to wind down.

The African Lounge on Clarissa St is the next stop. Comedian Gari Funk Fields events coordinator at The African Lounge hosted the long awaited Mayweather vs Mcgreggor fight.

Clarissas African Lounge dinner I couldn’t resist!

Thought I wouldn’t eat again, however the Mac and Cheese ,along with a couple cocktails were everything while watching the match. I must say I cannot wait to attend their Jokes and Jazz event. I’ll keep you updated on the dates.

Sunday was a rest day for the first half until I came across for Joel James pineapple pop up. I was able to grab something to eat with a good laugh.

I’m Janella b, can’t wait to take you on the Go with me for Roc the Park next week

Till then.