On the Go with Janella B: Holiday Fun

It’s the season to be jolly.

I hope you guys have all of your X-Mas shopping out of the way. Last minute shopping for me is being food in a piranha tank. LMAO   The hottest toys on Santas’ list being fought for. Lol.

This Saturday was about family and keeping and inexpensive pass time.

I gassed up the for some Holiday Fun to hear the oooohs and ahhhhhs of the lit up houses we saw. I got a list from the D&C.  Some of the houses were… well I cried for their RG&E bill. I’m just kidding.

Any streets that were lit up along the way, we drove past those as well. It’s these moments with your children and/or loved ones that build tradition, memories, and bonds. These good moments can overtake and replace 10 bad ones. lol.

We as parents, girlfriend, boyfriends, husbands, or wives are only human. We make mistakes. We don’t live forever. However our Name and the moments remembered do. They are relived and passed down.

Holidays get me all sentimental

Check me out next week to see where else we can be.

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I’m your Weekly On the Go Girl
Janella B