On the Go With Janella B: Patti’s Pantry and Horizon Fun F/X

This weekend was all about family fun. I am new to the new trend of ‘Reveal Parties’. Saturday I found out I am going to be an Aunti to yet another baby girl.

I so love the babies coming into the family. That means I have a cure for my baby fever. Hold them, love them, spoil them, and give them right back .

Sunday started with breakfast at Patti’s Pantry. The decor and the welcoming smile was everything. It felt like walking into a family home. I enjoyed feeling like I was in the country. Beautiful farm girl place with a nice gift shop. The sunlight has room to kiss your face lightly no matter where you sit.

I got there later than our other party and was accommodated quickly to be served in same timing. For me, customer service is the most important key to any establishment.

On to Horizon Fun f/x. Good music, Wine, and skating. If you’re looking for a fun family activity that won’t cost an arm and leg, there you go. We went as a group, got the group rate and had an awesome time (not to mention I got some good exercise and a bunch of laughs).

I’m bad…I see people fall and (as long as they don’t hurt themselves that is) I crack up.

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Janella B