Rev. Lisa Meney Hosts Take It or Toss It

Born in Rochester, NY, Minister Lisa Meney is on a mission to help re-direct people heading down a path to destruction. Minister Lisa wants people to know that someone cares and extends a hand to help save their life. Under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Mildred Meney-Session, Minister Lisa has been taught to be a servant of the Lord.

Over 10 years ago, just being proactive in church, “Mother” was born during the Christmas time. Everyone was told to come to church and be prepared to do something in the service. Minister Lisa had her Christmas presentation prepared and on her way out the door decided to grab a wig to just add some “flavor” to her speech. When her time came, we she opened her mouth God just took over and it’s been that way ever since.

Ten years later, she decided to present “Mother” to others outside her church. So she went to WDKX to inquire about starting up a new program. No response was given after 2 letters to the station. Later, the Lord led her to do a television ministry titled “Take It or Toss It” in 2013 which was birth at RCTV Channel 15 (which was the same birthing place for Dr. Session’s Christian Counseling Ministry program). Since then the program has been aired on numerous channels and now thanks to God in July of 2017 can now include WXIR 100.9 FM Radio as a way to reach God’s people.

MOTTO: Lord, Help me to help someone to make it.