100.9 WXIR-LP is Rochester, NY’s newest urban, eclectic, alternative radio station.


An Interview with WXIR’s Farah S. About ROC Block

ROC Block with Farah S.

Farah S. is the host of ROC Block

Now that 100.9 WXIR-LP has been up and running for several months, we thought we’d share interviews with some of the hosts and disc jockeys. This month’s interviewee is radio personality Farah S.

Farah’s interest in radio was fostered at Genesee Community College, where she pursued an Associates Degree in Communications and Media Arts. She then went on to begin her on-air radio career at 91.3 WBNY’s Original Alternative Radio Station, while attending Buffalo State for a bachelors degree in media production.  She anticipates returning  to 91.3 WBNY in the coming year as an Alum Host.

When asked about her WXIR show, Roc Block, she shares, “I want to help local and up-and-coming artists. They have to do all the legwork. They have to do all the promo.”

With her show, which focuses on local musical talent, she hopes to provide a forum for both established and emerging musicians to share and publicize their work.

When asked about how she identifies the musicians who are guests on her show, she replied, “I just love music. Many of my friends on facebook are artists, so they’re people I know. But I need more artists in different genres. Right now, I have a lot of rap, but I’d like to expand it. They don’t necessarily even have to sing.  I’d like to interview composers too.”

In addition to expanding the genres she covers in her show, she’s also hoping to add a call-in feature in the future.

“I can’t wait to go live!”

What does she hope her audience will take away from the show, which is composed partially of an interview and music by her guest artist, and partially of other music she likes?

“I hope to inspire people. No matter what you go through, you have to continue chasing your dreams.”

So what are her dreams?

“I thought some about that just two weeks ago. I’d like to create an album with some of the people on the show, and with local and other well-known producers.”

Note: If you are interested in being on Farah’s show, you can contact her by email at Stclouf01@mail.buffalostate.edu.