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An Interview with Andre Williams

Andre Williams, Kickin’ It with Roctown’s Finest

img_0516-andre-williams-1024x702Andre Williams began producing Down B-Low as a television program a number of years ago. It was recently renamed Roctown’s Finest, and now airs on RCTV on Mondays and Fridays at 10 PM.

The television program incorporates local entertainment as well as short TV segments, including “Innersections”and “Interpretations.”  “Innersections” features a diverse group of individuals within a community that are all, somehow, connected.  “Interpretations” is a suspense series. Initially, Andre wrote all of the segments solo. He now collaborates on the writing with Rochesterian Shaun Huff. He proudly shares that people who initially appeared on the show and had no prior acting experience are now being scouted for other works, and that seasoned actors, such as Ernesto Jam, are now reaching out to Andre and flying in from out of town to be part of the program.

His success with the television program led him to submit a proposal to be a radio host on 100.9 WXIR, RCTV’s new low power FM radio station. He wanted to produce the radio show, which he also films as its being recorded and incorporates in his TV episodes.

“I wanted to do the radio program to provide easier access to the show,” he asserts, pointing out that the on-air programming, streaming and TuneIn make it easier for people to listen.

The premise of the radio program Roctown’s Finest – focusing on local talent – is essentially the same, but Andre features various local guest hosts as well as segments not included in the TV program of the same name.  For example, on “Social Circle” featuring Shaun Huff, Markeisha Jackson and Shemon Jefferson, the group discusses articles found on social media.  “Coaches Kickin’ it” kicks around the topic of sports from the coaches’ points of view, and includes co-hosts Jamarr Williams and Scotty Richardson.  On “Real Talk” Andre and Jeff Smith talk to real people about real situations, both controversial and inspirational. “Frankie with the Friendly Forecast” tips listeners off to upcoming weather conditions. And of course, the core of his program focuses on local artists, entertainment, news and organizations. The portions of the show that include guests are recorded in the WXIR studios, and other portions  are recorded on location at events or at Roctowns Finest studio.  The radio program airs on Saturdays from 6 to 8 PM.

The formula has been a success for Andre, who feels the show has really raised his profile.

“I’ve had a larger volume of people contacting me to be on the show, and a lot of people also share my posts,” which he promotes via facebook, twitter and instagram.

When asked about his plans for the future for Roctown’s Finest, Andre pauses for a moment. With the same careful thought he’s put into his programs, he shares, “I’d like to form an organization that covers all aspects of entertainment and is a resource for emerging talents.”

Those who would like to be on Roctown’s Finest may submit a photo and bio with background materials to RoctownsFinest@gmail.com, or contact Andre through his website. Information on music submissions or business inquiries may use this link.