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Kitchen Table Talks, Fired Up

Joel James of Kitchen Table Talks

The show didn’t exactly start over a table, but the hosts’ casual and comfortable conversational style that reminded them of sitting around shooting the breeze in the kitchen led to the 100.9 WXIR Program Kitchen Table Talks.

The program is hosted by Janella B. and Joel James. Janella is an entrepreneur and Renaissance woman who, in addition to hosting the show, also has kids and holds down a full-time job. Joel James works as a full time comedian, and the two infuse their show with comedy, conversation and a love of food.  They recently added a co-host named Cassie whose focus has been gossip and current events.

“At first, I was kind of reserved,” Cassie admits. “Once they asked me to be a permanent part of the show, I felt more comfortable in showing more personality.”

Janella B. of “Kitchen Table Talks”

In fact, the show is all about showcasing the personality and humor of their guests as well as the hosts. They interview guests about what they’re up to, their opinions on everything from politics and current events to food. Did we mention FOOD?! Yes, one of the ideas the trio plans to implement is a celebrity chef segment in which they actually go out to the kitchens of various chefs around Rochester and interact with them in their kitchen environment.

If you’ve noticed a difference in recent shows, it’s because they went LIVE for the past two, which adds a different dynamic to the program. They plan to do more live programs and to incorporate a call-in aspect soon.

They both agreed that, “If you listen to Kitchen Table talks, we want you to be entertained, and to learn something interesting.  No matter how your day went, when you listen to us, we want you to end it with a good feeling.”

Kitchen Table Talks is broadcast on 100.9 WXIR on Mondays at 7 PM.